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Reducing downtimes with the S2 M H Ecoline

S2 M Ecoline is Rippid for Mobile Use

The S2 M H Ecoline crimper from UNIFLEX is the ideal device for the on-site repair of hydraulic hoses in construction and agricultural machinery. The manually operated device weighs only 30 kg and allows for the fast and safe establishment of hose connections up to 1″ (for 2-part fittings) or 1 ¼” (for single-part fittings).

Thanks to the greaseless slide bearing technology and the sturdy frame, crimping with the S2 M Ecoline is particularly safe, clean and convenient. When operated in high-gear mode, the new two-stage pump of the S2 M H Ecoline range is particularly efficient, so that tasks can be completed three times faster than with conventional pumps. When not in use, simply push in the telescopic lever, so that the device takes up even less space when stowed away.

As is the case with all hydraulic crimpers from UNIFLEX, the S2 M H Ecoline comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years.



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