Wing Nut Coupling

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Wing Nut  is designed for industrial applications that require couplings to be connected and disconnected under pressure with little to no fluid loss.  Wet-line couplers are commonly used on live bed / dump trailer wet-line hydraulic systems and other heavy duty applications.






Thread together latch provides connect under pressure capability and vibration resistance. Includes body and tip. Heavy duty, thread-to-connect design can be connected under pressure, with little or no spillage.

Wing Nut Coupling Features

▮ Wing nut coupling brass body coupler and nipple prevents corrosion

▮ Heavy-duty steel sleeve and wing nut

▮ Nitrile seal with Teflon backup

▮ 3000 PSI working pressure rating

▮ 3/4″ NPT Female Pipe Thread

Used For

▮ Oil well equipments

▮ Heavy equipments

▮ Live bed trailers

▮ Sand and salt spreaders

▮ Mobile drilling rigs

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