Threaded Test Coupling

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Testing Points are used for pressure monitoring and checking high, low and negative pressure systems. They are also suitable for bleeding cylinders and hydraulic systems, and for taking samples from high, low and negative pressure systems.




Test Coupling Advantages

▮ Test Coupling has leak free connection before valve is open

▮ Coupling under pressure up to 400 bar is possible with screw couplings

▮ Simple connection to measurement, control and switching devices

▮ Self locking metal protective cap

See also quick release couplings that Centre Point Hydraulic can supply!

General Information

In addition to flow, pressure is without doubt the most relevant parameter and measuring factor in hydraulics. Measuring system pressure is therefore the most important and most frequently used method for monitoring, controlling and preventive service and maintenance of hydraulically operated machines and systems. It is the prerequisite for their economical operation.


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