Pressure Gauge

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Pressure Gauage is used in a variety of applications oil, air, and water. This gauge is typically used on hydraulic & pneumatic systems in corrosive environments as well as any commercial or industrial application where 316SS wetted parts and glycerine filling is suitable for use. The stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion while the glycerine filling helps dampen the effects of pulsation and vibration while perpetually lubricating the movement (keeping contaminates such as dirt away from all moving parts).



Pressure Gauge Reliability

Rugged construction to guarantee reliability even under extreme operating conditions. Finally, excellent vibration resistance enhanced with the shape of the tube inserted and welded in the socket.

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General Information

A pressure gauge is a fluid intensity measurement device. Pressure gauges are  for the set-up and tuning of fluid power machines, and are indispensable in troubleshooting them. Without pressure gauges, fluid power systems would be both – unpredictable, and unreliable. First of all gauges help to ensure there are no leaks or pressure changes that could affect the operating condition of the hydraulic system.


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