Brass gate valve

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Featuring brass construction and twist handle operation, gate valves are designed to control water flow, allowing water isolation and pipes/taps to be shut off at the point of the gate valve.



Brass gate valve maintenance

Screw the packaging gland properly when leakage occurs stem and to tighten in 1/8 to 1/4 turn increments until leak stops.


Do not disassemble valve while under pressure nor with entrapped hazardous fluids therein.

Threaded End Gate Valve

  1. Make sure all surfaces are clear and free of debris on the piping connection.
  2. Use teflon tape or approved sealant is recommended.
  3. Prepare two smooth-jawed adjustable wrenches when installing the valve. A loosely fitting pipe wrench can distort the valve and causes a leak.
  4. Apply one wrench on the hex nearest the joint being tightened to prevent breaking the seal between the end cap and body of the valve.


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