Uniflex HM 480

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Due to their compact, all-round accessible construction, high level of user friendliness, and long service life, the HM480 set the standard for quality and cost effectiveness. The crimpers‘ particularly large opening stroke and the use of long master dies allow you to crimp all types of fittings and up to 8″ industrial hoses.

CE compliant


Additional information

Crimp force (kN/Ton)

4500 / 450



Control C.2 + Touch

SAE R 15 / 4SH* 1 piece fitting


SAE R 15 / 4SH* 2 piece fitting



8" (12")

90° Elbows*


Max. Crimp range

310 mm


+ 150 mm

Opening without dies

380 mm

Type of dies

239-xx 245 237L

Noise level (dBA)



5,5 kW


300 l

L x W x H Machine (mm)

730 x 1590 x 2015


2600 Kg


Uniflex® Production Crimper HM480 Advantages

  1. Smaller machine increases ergonomics.
  2. Also noiseless high-quality pump.
  3. Full length of fittings crimped in one stroke increases product quality and production efficiency.
  4. Lateral reinforcement optimizes overall tolerance.

Fixed 6- o‘clock die

  1. Workpiece does not move, making it easier to position laterally.
  2. Increases productivity, driving up pro ability.
  3. Finally reduces risk for injuries.

Owing to their unique construction, versatility and lifetime, Uniflex® production crimper HM is a global benchmark for quality, and economic efficiency. Due to revolutionary slide bearing technology, there are no friction losses. The presses operate quicker, with a maximum efficiency, cleaner and almost maintenance-free. Other advantages are the characteristic, fixed 6 o’clock die for safe, and power-saving positioning of the fittings. Savings due to short set-up times and energy-saving drive systems have especially positive effects in large series production. All Uniflex®  production crimpers has the latest  UNIMATIControl B+ for user-friendly, easy and safe handling and control.

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