Metal Female Elbow

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Metal elbow to make right angle turns in high pressure pipe with 1/4 ” female-female threaded connections. Thanks to its threadted connection we can install and / or remove it very quickly, ensuring its tightness with pressures above 70 bars.



General Information

Metal push-in pneumatic fitting design is for quick tubing connection and disconnection. Our metal push to connect fittings are available in a variety of male, and female connector, elbow, and also tee configurations. Furthermore numerous sizes are available to accommodate tubing ODs from 1/8 to 3/8 as well as 10-32, 1/8 NPT, or  also 1/4 NPT threads.


Metal Push to Connect Fitting Features

▮ Electroless nickel plated brass & 316 stainless steel construction;

▮ Sizes available to fit 1/8 to 3/8 tube OD;

▮ Metal release buttons;

▮ Variety of sizes, and configurations ;

▮ Thread sealant standard on male pipe threads;

Metal Female Elbow Features

▮ Fast connection;

▮ High temperature up to 180 degree;

▮ Small, and compact design;

▮ Good resistance to chemical corrosive environment.


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