Plug Hose

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Quick connector to hose barb. Great for attaching a male quick connect to the end of air hose. Simply slide the hose over the end of the hose barb and clamp on.



Quick couplers has one touch quick coupler and two touch quick coupler; As material, there are steel quick coupler, brass quick coupler, Coupler has two parts, one is socket, the other is plug, socket is usually check valve. quick coupler can be used for air tools, air compressors, air blow gun, spray gun. So it’s also called air tools kits, air tools couplers, air tools accessories, pneumatic tools coupler, air tools coupling, air compressor accessories, air compressor kits, air compressor coupler.


Air compressors, Pneumatic air tools and hoses, Water lines, Grease guns, Cleaning equipment, Paint applicators, Drop-down air lines, Blow guns, Paint applicators


– Manual sleeve, single shut off quick couplings.

– High flow steel valves with minimal pressure drop for efficient performance

– Sleeve guard helps to prevent accidental disconnection when in use

– Optional sleeve-lock adds protection against accidental disconnection

– Stainless steel springs, locking balls and brass valves are also offered for corrosion resistance


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