Mist Nozzle

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Mist Nozzle consists of brass body with ceramic orifice. Misting, as a cost effective, energy saving and non polluting techniques is used both – in industrial and commercial fields to control odours and humidity, to set dusts, to cool down indoor and outdoor temperature.


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Mist Nozzle




Brass, SS

Orifice Diameter


Spray Pattern

Fine Mist Fog Spray


Humidifying, Cooling, Coating, Agricultural Watering


Misting Systems for outdoor

Misting System describes a whole range of outdoor cooling methods that use a fine spray of water. These systems are known by a number of terms including fogging systems or Spray Cooling. They can all reduce dust and odors in the area, as well as static electricity and the presence of flying insects. They can even help regulate humidity so are terrific for plants –greenhouses, atriums, courtyards, etc. And they can cool you without getting you wet. There are some that can get you wet, though.

Mist Nozzle Features

– Operators of mist nozzle can achieve fluid cut-off near the orifice while maintaining pressure within approx. 0 Kg -120 Kg, Produces a finely atomized mist.

– With a built-in check valve can generate billions of very small droplets at a size of 50 micron, apply in plant humidifying, Spraying test.

–  Air curtain and other places wetting.

– Nozzle orifice can be manufactured by precise machines imported from USA

– Orifice size arrange 0.1mm-0.5mm. The operation costs may 10 times less than the fog wetting.

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