Black Nylon Tube

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Black Nylon Tube light weight, ships to you easily, supports high pressures, ideal for most misting applications. It can also be cut easilty with plastic tubing cutter making modifications a breeze. With pressure misting application two sizes of tube are typically used. 1/4″ OD or 3/8″ OD. The pressure ratings for both are 1000 psi working and 2500 psi burst.

Available colors: Black – it has better durability when expose to outdoor environments and sunlight.



Black Nylon Tube Applications

Use black nylon tube  in mist system outdoor cooling, climate control for green houses, humidification systems in textile plants, dust suppression, and odour control. Also useful for other other applications, where climate control – outdoors and indoors is required.  The misting system tubing provides great durability even in high density fogging. You can also apply it for mid and high pressure systems for misting. Apply this unique product for various systems in climate control – both – outdoors and indoors.

Misting Systems for outdoor

Misting System describes a whole range of outdoor cooling methods that use a fine spray of water. They can all reduce dust and odors in the area, as well as static electricity and the presence of flying insects. They can even help regulate humidity so are terrific for plants – greenhouses, atriums, courtyards, etc.

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