Steel Coiled Tube

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Steel Coiled Tubes are used for a variety of circulation systems for different gases and fluids, coil tubes provide the ability for long lenght tube installations without the need for joining fittings.  Steel coil tubing can reduce the cost of installation due to higher rate of materials utilization, fewer collections, system integrity can be improved much, and improve the safety of the pipeline system.



No matter what the application, the product advantages of long lengths of steel coiled tube still remain as constant as the performance they deliver:

∎ Reduction in waste and scrapped material

∎ Reduced labor costs

∎ Safer and faster installation

∎ Excellent corrosion resistance

∎ Low maintenance

∎ Improved reliability with fewer mechanical fittings or welds

∎ Reduction in leaks and other long-term failures

∎ Economical and efficient to transport

Once in the field, a seamless coil is much easier and faster to install than straight lengths of stainless steel tubing. Compared to straight tube, coils can be straightened on site and cut to desired lengths to reduce scrap and save money. Straightening and bending equipment and other tools make it easy to work with coil tubing. There are many different options when it comes to straightening equipment.


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