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Copper Tube has a proven performance and provides a cost effective solution to many pipework requirements on the basis of its inherent properties. Copper pipework is highly durable, easy to work with and to install. Copper Tube sets the standard for quality, consistency and service in the plumbing, refrigeration and HVAC industries. Coppers rigidity allows for installation both in horizontal and vertical applications, utilising an excellent resistance to corrosion coupled with high temperature and pressure ratings can be offered for a large variety of installs. Its ease of manipulating and relatively light weight, combine with its ability to withstand high internal pressure makes Copper Tube the ideal products for most hot and cold water, central heating and gas services installations.

Applications: Air conditioner, Water heater, Oil cooler pipe, Refrigerator



Copper Tube Applications

Copper tubing is rust proof, easy to bend, also forms good joints. It is used in many low pressure applications such as the cooling system, the heating system, and sanitary installation, but also in the air-conditioning system, which has a higher rated pressure.

Tube Sizes

Tube sizes are metric or inch, ranging from 3 mm/0.118 inch O.D. to 70 mm/2 3/4 inch O.D. with a choice of wall thicknesses. Sizes may be noted as O.D. x wall thickness (in mm or inch) or as O.D x I.D. (in mm or inch). Tubes come as coils or in 5m/16 ft standard lengths. Copper is subject to work hardening (material becoming hard and brittle from bending). Therefore it should be protected from excessive vibra- tion. Never use copper tubing for brake or power steering work.

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