Coiled Copper Tube

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Coiled Copper Tube due to is flexibility, can be installed in areas where more ridgid pipework will not allow for. The most typical application for small bore Copper Coils will come from domestic installations as this pipework is ideal for hot and cold water services.



Why coiled copper tube?

Copper tubing is a strong, and also long-lasting permanent choice for critical systems that must be leak proof. Because of the permanent nature of copper tubing, a strong skill set is necessary for installation. Using copper tubing for systems will require someone with proper training to do the installation, or you could be dealing with poor performance and constant breakdowns.

Coiled vs. Straight

Upon exploring your copper tubing options, you’ll quickly run into the option for coiled and straight tubing. This is an easy first hurdle to clear. Coiled tubing is tougher and is frequently found in specialty applications, such as distilling or appliances. Straight copper tubing is more common and is probably used to channel water through your home.


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