Reinforced Metal Corrugated Hose

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Reinforced Metal Corrugated hose is used for transport of different types of gases and corrosive substances. Has high flexibility. Works in a wide temperature range. Supplied with fittings on the ends. Stainless steel hose, high pressure – a flexible conduit means for bending and transporting liquid or gaseous media at temperatures from -273 ° C to + 650 ° C and an operating pressure of 350Bar to absolute vacuum as well as to compensate for temperature and rigid mounting strain pipelines. Sleeves are efficient in such working environments as air, vacuum, water with a chloride content of not more than 12 mg / l; ethyl alcohol, petrochemicals and environments, for which the use of the sleeves is allowed by the manufacturer.



Metal Corrugated Hose General Information

Use metal corrugated hose in high pressure applications, for everything from air and water to natural gas, and molten sulfur.
Corrugated metal hose consist from a metal strip that’s rolled and welded together, with corrugations with reason to increase exibility. The corrugations are available in annular or helical patterns. Annular corrugations are parallel and independent of one another.

They are more common than helical corrugations as they’re generally more exible. Helical patterns consist of a single corrugation that runs around the entire length of the hose, and better allow liquid to drain from the hose. Add single or double layer metal braids to the exterior of corrugated hose to increase the pressure rating which can exceed 3,000 PSI. Also use corrugated hoses in high pressure applications involving uids or gasses.

Temperature Adjustment Factors

In general, the strength and therefore the pressure rating of metal hose decreases as the temperature increases. Thus, as the operating temperature of a metal hose assembly increases,the maximum allowable working pressure of the assembly decreases.


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