Metal Reinforcement SS304-SS316

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Metal Braided Hose is designed to slide over the top of your existing hoses whether they be Rubber, Silicone etc to give high performance show spec look.



Metal Braid Reinforcement Hose General Information 

This braided hose will fit over (OD) outside diameters of hosing, this type of product easily expands and contracts to fit over varying bore sizes. Multiple Lengths of the same size will be shipped in 1 Length.

1 Metre is measured at the resting diameter of the hose, so if you are using this hose to fit over e.g. 28mm hosing then the length supplied will be less than 1 Metre however if you are using this hose to fit over e.g. 16mm hose the length supplied maybe slightly longer than 1 Metre.


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