Sandblast Quick Coupling

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Hose Couplers are sleeve type couplings that fits over the OD of the sandblast hose. They are secured to the hose with wood screws. Countersunk holes on the couplings ensure that the screws fit correctly and will not be snagged while the hose is in operation. Within the ID of the hose end is a corkscrew ridge that helps to twist the coupling onto the hose and more importantly, helps to minimize the force of blow back. Hose-to-Hose or Hose-to-Pot connections are made by the 2-lug crowfoot design. No matter what the hose size, the 2-lug hose ends interchange for common connections.


Additional information


Sandblast Coupling


Sandblast hose coupling inclusive of screws

Available Sizes

3/4" – 1 1/2"

Standard Materials

Aluminum, SS

Sealing Materials

Standard Black NBR




Sandblast Quick Coupling General Uses

Design of Sandblast Quick coupling is to slip over sandblast hose and to be fastened with screws. Such an external coupling prevents restriction of flow and prevents coupling wear out from the high velocity of sand.


Since these fittings attach to the outside of the hose, use them only with sandblast hose. Therefore take special care not to let the screws penetrate the hose tube.


Use these fittings  with sandblast hose only!


•  We supply Sandblast Quick Couplings with screws.


• Cut ends of hose square to fit snug against metal end.

• Holding hose tight to end of fitting, insert screws and turn in full, putting screw 180° from first to ensure best centering.

• After all screws have been placed, finally check tube opposite screws to be sure screws have not penetrated completely through.

• On quick couplings, insert safety clips.


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