Bauer Coupling

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Bauer Coupling is built of lightweight aluminum with brass pin-lug nut for long lasting durability. Suction Hose style assures strength and reliability. Can be used with hoses capable of handling water or other liquids, providing increased adaptability. Will require clamps to attach hose. Available in sizes 1-1/2″-6″ as Female, Male and Coupling Set.


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Carbon Steel


General Uses of Bauer Coupling:

Bauer coupling provide a quick and easy way to join many lengths of hose together. Low pressure liquid transfer, suction and discharge. Fitting styles include: shank couplings, suction couplings, pin lug couplings, garden hose couplings, and other shank fittings not meeting the specific requirements of the other categories. This category does not include cam & groove, ground joint or universal fittings.


Pressure ratings only apply to non-toxic and non-combustible liquids; careful consideration must be given to dangerous or volatile liquids.

Unusual ends other than NPT, NPSM or NPSH threaded parts may also effect pressure ratings, consult manufacturers of those connections and/or accessories for pressure ratings. This section may also apply to menders or other shank style fittings.



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