Type A Female Adaptor – Brass

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RN® Type A camlock couplings have male adaptors & female threads of the same size. The male grooved end can be inserted into any female couplers such as Type D, B, C & Dust Cap with identical size. Various gaskets are provided.

Material: Brass


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Type A – Adapters x Female Thread


1/2" – 8"

Sealing Materials

No gasket or thread seal applied

Thread Types

Standard BSP-Parallel, BSP-Tapered or NPT available

Working pressure

Brass (50 – 250 psi)


A-A-59326 / MIL-C-27487




Camlock Coupling Description

Use camlock couplings to connect flexible hoses to each other or a flexible hose to a firm pipe, and just as rapidly disconnect them. When you slide two parts together, and close the camlock levers, you’ll get a leak-free connection. Furthermore camlocks has self-locking arms for highest safety. The coupling has a simple and robust design in which the locking arm has an additional lockingwhich prevents accidental disconnection. It locks itself automatically and stays locked until you open it.

Aluminum Camlock Couplings

Aluminum camlock couplings are a lightweight, and robust camlock option with excellent corrosion resistance. Use aluminum camlock couplings in water, petroleum and chemical transfer. Aluminum camlocks are light yet strong offering a quality price performance cam and groove option.

Stainless Steel Camlock Couplings

Stainless steel camlock coupling are more robust and durable then other material camlocks. Therefore stainless steel camlock couplings are also ideal for use in corrosive circumstances. Our camlock couplings provide a durable, low maintenance solution, and often work out the least expensive long-term solution.

Brass Camlock Couplings:

Brass material camlock couplings have excellent corrosive resistance against water, hydraulic oil, coolants, gasoline and petroleum products. In addition you can use brass material camlock couplings in special places such as in marine fueling applications.


Carefully select a body, arm and gasket material that is compatible with the material being transferred through the coupling. If the assembly is to be swaged or crimped, we recommend a shank specifically designed for swaging or crimping. For maximum coupling retention, use an interlocking collar.


Never use camlock couplings for steam service!


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