Fuel LL20

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Fuel LL20 is long lenght special hose for delivery of oil, gasoline and diesel with up to 40% aromatic content. Working pressure for this hose is 20 Bar.


Additional information

Hose I.D. (inch)

1/4" – 1"

Working pressure

Temperature Range

-30° C to + 80° C


Fuel LL20 fuel hose structure consist of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover


Finally, black , oil resistant nitrile rubber tube


High tensile textile reinforcement


Black special  rubber cover – oil – abrasion – heat and weather resistant

General uses:

Use this hose for transfer of gasoline and other petroleum based products under pressure, gravity flow.


This hose has great fit for petroleum based products. If you use fuel hose  for trasfering non-petroleum based materials, then consult with the hose supplier for chemical compatibility of the transferred material with the hose tube.

You can also use this hose in a vacuum application, if the hose is constructed with a helical wire or reinforcement that will support a vacuum.

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