Steel Spring

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Steel spring slide on over the hose and run the full length of the hose. For applications where you need hose guards in areas where potential hazards from abrasion and gouges are the greatest.


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Galvanised for corrosion protection.

Assembly instruction

Slide Steel Spring over the hose before assembling hose ends. After the ends are assembled, twist and push Steel Spring onto the ferrules. The close pitched end of the Steel Spring goes over the ferrule, and the wide pitched end goes over the hose.



• Transportation
• Military
• Construction
• Agriculture
• Grounds & Building Maintenance
• Utility Equipment
• Personal Lift Equipment
• Machine Tool
• Oil Field Service
• Waste & Refuse
• Material Handling
• Marine
• Paving & Road Maintenance
• Ground Support Equipment
• Industrial
• Mining
• Automotive

General Information of Steel Spring

Steel Spring will help prolong the life of hose lines that are exposed to rugged operating conditions. Steel Spring hose guard is designed to protect the hose against abrasion is available in a wide variety of lengths to suit whichever length your hydraulic hose applications may be. We are able to cut this to length and it is suitable to use on a wide variety of different sized hoses.

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