Fire Protection Sleeve

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Fire protection sleeve is made of braided fiberglass yarns, and then coated with high grade silicone rubber, with designed to protect hoses, wires, and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame. Fire sleeve is resistant to hydraulic fluids, oils, and fuels, will protect employees from burns. Sleeve is the perfect cover to protect hydraulic hoses, pneumatic lines and wiring bundles.

NORMS: DIN5510-2


Additional information

Hose I.D. (inch)

6 mm – 45 mm

Temperature Range

-54° C to + 260° C


Red Oxide

Wall Thickness

4mm +/- 0.5mm

Average Dielectric Strength

30Kv +




General information

Fire Protection Sleeve protects hose assemblies from breaking down due to high heat. An industrial hose assembly protected with the fire sleeve can also withstand occasional flame during usage, as well as provide protection from melted materials being thrown, up to 2200°F. Another important safety related benefit for production line engineers, and technicians is protection by the firesleeve from exposure injuries, such as heat or flame related blisters, and burns.


Excellent resistance to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and fuels. Its outer surface is well resistant to abrasion, and as with most of our industrial hose related products, the firesleeve has plenty of flexibility. While the perfect cover to protect industrial hose assemblies, it is just as effective for protecting other tubing systems such as pneumatic lines. You can also use firesleeve as conduit, protecting wiring bundles, cables and, or hoses from high heat related damage.

Finally, if this is not what you were looking for, try to check other hose protection options!


∎ Mining – vehicle, and machinery fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic lines;

∎ Smelters – equipment cords, and electrical cables;

∎ Industrial furnaces – electrical cables, hoses, and air lines;

∎ Automation – robotic arm fibre optics, electrical, and air lines;

∎ Fire Fighting – critical component fuel, air, electrical, and hydraulic lines;

∎ Marine – fuel filler, overflow, and breather lines;

∎ Race Cars – hoses, fuel, and oil lines.


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