Hi Torque Clamps

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Hi Torque Hose Clamps are ideal for heavy duty sealing applications, particularly where high vibration resistance is required. It is stronger than conventional Worm Drive clamps due to the wider band and the ‘in-line’ housing, which enables every thread on the worm to engage with the band.

Recommended applications: Agricultural, Chemical Industry, Food Processing, Fluid Transfer, Marine Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Shipyards



Hi Torque Clamp is produced using components entirely manufactured from stainless steel. The construction of the worm-drive housing on the band facilitates installation of a wide range of signs. Hi torque clamps are reusable and easy to retighten after expansion cause by temperature fluctuations. Their construction ensures that during installation there are no sharp edges which might cause injury to the installer.

Advanatages at a glance

▮ Reusable;

▮ Secure and reliable installation;

▮ It is also easy to retighten in cases of expansion;

▮ No loss of material when installing;

▮ Finally, easy installation of two signs on one pole.


▮ Traffic signs, street signs, billboards and illuminated signs installation;

▮ Heavy duty sealing applications;

▮ Agricultural;

▮ Chemical Industry;

▮ Food processing;

▮ Fluid Transfer;

▮ Marine Industry;

▮ Petrochemical Industry;

▮ Shipyards.


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