Oilfield Equipment

    • Ring Joint Gaskets

      Ring Joint Gaskets are manufactures for application at elevated temperatures and pressures. The small sealing area with high contact pressure results in great reliability. The contact surfaces of the gaskets and flanges should be carefully processed.

      Advantages: The metal ring joint gaskets have been designed to withstand exceptionally high assebly loads over a small area, thus producing high seating stresses.

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    • Hammer Unions

      Hammer unions in particular are designed to enjoin mud tanks instantly without having to deal with the flanged connections at all. In case if the issue is so that the mud tanks are not aligned in the right kind of a way necessary hammer unions can still be used to in order to make absolutely non-leak seals that are tightened.

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    • Swivel Joints

      Swivel Joints are metallic pipe fittings with integral ball-bearing swivels. Featuring smooth rotation and movement without sacrificing strength and integrity of the steel, streamlined bore minimizes flow restrictions, turbulence and pressure drop. All Swivel Joints are field repairable and easy to use.

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