Misting System

    • Mist Nozzle

      Mist Nozzle consists of brass body with ceramic orifice. Misting, as a cost effective, energy saving and non polluting techniques is used both – in industrial and commercial fields to control odours and humidity, to set dusts, to cool down indoor and outdoor temperature.

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    • Misting Couplings

      The misting couplings are made of brass with nickel plating and connect nylon tubing. The locking occurs under pressure, the greater the pressure the harder they lock. The unique design of RN misting couplings allows them to be easily removed, replaced, or re-installed any time after the initial installation. No special tools or crimping procedures are required.

      Available Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass

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    • Black Nylon Tube

      Black Nylon Tube light weight, ships to you easily, supports high pressures, ideal for most misting applications. It can also be cut easilty with plastic tubing cutter making modifications a breeze. With pressure misting application two sizes of tube are typically used. 1/4″ OD or 3/8″ OD. The pressure ratings for both are 1000 psi working and 2500 psi burst.

      Available colors: Black – it has better durability when expose to outdoor environments and sunlight.

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