Corrugated Metal Pipes

    • Corrugated Pipe

      Stainless Steel Corrugated Flexible Pipe body provides the flexibility and pressure tight core of the assembly. It is suitable for wide temperature range.

      Advantage: Compensates for thermal expansion contraction in the piping system, High physical strength, Fire resistant Moisture resistant, Good corrosion characteristics, Resistant to abrasion, penetration and damage, Connects misaligned rigid piping,A flexible and quick option for rigid piping in difficult locations

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    • Reinforced Metal Corrugated Hose

      Reinforced Metal Corrugated hose is used for transport of different types of gases and corrosive substances. Has high flexibility. Works in a wide temperature range. Supplied with fittings on the ends. Stainless steel hose, high pressure – a flexible conduit means for bending and transporting liquid or gaseous media at temperatures from -273 ° C to + 650 ° C and an operating pressure of 350Bar to absolute vacuum as well as to compensate for temperature and rigid mounting strain pipelines. Sleeves are efficient in such working environments as air, vacuum, water with a chloride content of not more than 12 mg / l; ethyl alcohol, petrochemicals and environments, for which the use of the sleeves is allowed by the manufacturer.

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    • Double Reinforced Metal Corrugated Hose

      Multiple layers of braid are frequently used to enhance the strenght and coverage of a hose assembly beyond the strenght and coverage of a single layer of braid.

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    • Metal Reinforcement SS304-SS316

      Metal Braided Hose is designed to slide over the top of your existing hoses whether they be Rubber, Silicone etc to give high performance show spec look.

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