Sandblast Hose Couplings

    • Sandblast Quick Coupling

      Hose Couplers are sleeve type couplings that fits over the OD of the sandblast hose. They are secured to the hose with wood screws. Countersunk holes on the couplings ensure that the screws fit correctly and will not be snagged while the hose is in operation. Within the ID of the hose end is a corkscrew ridge that helps to twist the coupling onto the hose and more importantly, helps to minimize the force of blow back. Hose-to-Hose or Hose-to-Pot connections are made by the 2-lug crowfoot design. No matter what the hose size, the 2-lug hose ends interchange for common connections.

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    • Nozzle Holder

      A sleeve type coupling that is secured to the hose with wood screws and have the same features as the sandblast hose end. The exception is that the hose end of the nozzle holder is NPT threaded to accept the sandblasting nozzle.

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    • Sandblast Female NPT Adapter

      A coupling that doesn’t fit the hose, but rather is threaded onto the sandblast pot. Once properly threaded to the discharge pipe on the pot, the 2-lug crowfoot design of the hose end. Now the pot can supply mix to the operator by way of the hose to sandblast nozzle.

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