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Our complete range of corrugated, also flexible metal hose includes a wide range of versatile products that client can use with chemicals, gases, and foodstuff. Furthermore, our products perform under extreme temperatures and offer features such as non-stick, anti-kink, and anti-aging.

Our experienced team of engineers and master fabricators will also benefit clients from the highest standards of customer care at every level of their project. We work with customers to provide a bespoke product that meets the exact requirements. However, upon customer’s request our company can offer products in a range of Monel®, Inconel®625, and Hastelloy®C276. Contact us to find out more about our bespoke solutions.



HYDROFLEX® metal braided hose suits for a wide range of applications where rubber hoses are not functional. In applications with high corrosive fluids and extreme temperatures flexible metal hoses prove durableand versatile.

The most common material available is SS316L grade, which is the ideal material in coastal and marine applications by providing a better corrosion performance due to the added molybdenum in the steel. Monel® 400 provides even better corrosion resistance for seawater and chlorine transfer applications. For applications where continuous temperature requires to be greater than 550°C,  Inconel®625 and Hastelloy®C276 will be particularly suitable.

We produce our hoses according to ISO 10380, therefore they can withstand temperatures ranging between -250°C to 550°C, without any effect on pressure performance.

Due to the corrugated design of HYDROFLEX® metal hoses, provide enhanced anti-collapse properties that makes them ideal for submerged applications with vacuum pressure. Depending on the design and size the working pressure could range from vacuum to 800 bar.

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HYDROFLEX® metal stainless steel expansion joints customers can use in a wide range of applications. Furthermore, metallic bellows are relatively light compared to the rubber bellow alternatives available in the market. They are construction without braiding and can withstand high pressures and temperatures as well as absorb movements in axial, lateral and angular directions.

Stainless Steel material bellows withstands variations in temperatures from very low to as high as 600°C. Stainless steel has exceptional chemical resistance and physical strength.

HYDROFLEX® metal bellows and expansion joints are generally available in sizes of1.1/2”(40mm) to 20”(500mm).

HYDROFLEX® Stainless Steel Bellows can be used in static and flexible applications and installed for use in places with constant vibration and flexing.

Stainless Steel Expansion Joints | Centre Point Hydraulic in Dubai

In flue or exhaust systems in ship applications that require higher temperature, minimal vibrations, and low pressures, HYDROFLEX® metal offers two options – weld ends or flanged ends.


There is a vast range of Bellow and Expansion joints that customers use in the HVAC industry. HYDROFLEX® metal keeps several of the most common types in stock for same-day delivery. Some of the common types are welding ends, female thread, press fittings, or flanged or grooved ends.


Stainless Steel Pump connectors most commonly you will find in thermal oil pipe systems to absorb vibrations. We offer them in welding ends and fixed flanged ends.


The industries we supply include marine, refrigeration, petrochemical, cryogenic, power generation, and industrial.


Designed to work in conditions of high chemical resistance, our metal hose assemblies were tested for this demanding sector. Our experience in working within the Petrochemical industry and high-performance flexible metal hose assemblies will ensure we are the supplier of choice.


The product applications within the marine sector vary and are often extreme conditions. Therefore our products can withstand high-temperature applications, suitable for use in corrosive media, and offer anti-collapse strength.


In both the domestic and industrial sectors, we provide a cost-effective and reliable solution. Moreover, our products can withstand and provide exceptional performance in very low-temperature conditions.


Our product design withstands the conditions of the cryogenic industry. That is to say, Metal hose assemblies are ideal for conveying liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, liquid hydrogen, and other cryogenic fluids.


Our Stainless Steel Hose assemblies are not only designed for fluid transfer but also to be durable and flexible to withstand extreme conditions in the Power Generation sector.


Every demanding application requires robust and long-lasting products. Therefore with our Flexible Hose assemblies capable of a fatigue lifespan of over 35,000, our SS Metalic hose will exceed the demands of the industrial applications.

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