Black Nylon Tube


Black Nylon Tube light weight, ships to you easily, supports high pressures, ideal for most misting applications. I can also be cut easilty with plastic tubing cutter making modifications a breeze. With pressure misting application two sizes of tube are typically used. 1/4″ OD or 3/8″ OD. The pressure ratings for both are 1000 psi working and 2500 psi burst.

Available colors: Black – it has better durability when expose to outdoor environments and sunlight.


Wide applications of the black nylon tubing include their use in mist system outdoor cooling, climate control for green houses, humidification systems in textile plants, dust suppression and odour control and other applications where climate control outdoors and indoors is required. The black nylon tube is UV protected. The misting system tubing provides guaranteed lifelong durability even in high density fogging and is also applicable for mid and high pressure systems for misting. Our tubing is a unique product applicable for various systems in climate control both outdoors and indoors.


Indoor & outdoor cooling systems

Wine barrel store misting systems

Textile weaving spinning mill misting ( humidification) systems

Textile weaving mill mistin (fogging) systems

Greenhouse misting systems

Livestock cooling systems

Dust suppression misting systems

Temprature & humidity control

Cement Plant misting systems

Patio cooling systems

Cattle shed mist humidification systems

Industral production misting systems

Poultry farm misting (humidification) systems