WD 10


WD 10 is mandrel build general purpose lay flat water delivery hose suitable for gardening, agriculture and general water delivery. Working pressure for this hose is 10 Bar.


WD 10 lay flat water delivery hose structure is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover


Black SBR rubber tube


High tensile textile reinforcement


Black special rubber cover – abrasion – heat and weather resistant

Standard length 30/40/60 mtrs


General Uses

There are tipically two categories of water hose: multiple purpose, which is oil resistant, and general purpose, which is non-oil resistant.

The lower pressure hoses are generally used to transport water, petroleum based fluids, or water based materials from point of supply to point of use.

High pressure water hoses which are considered to be hoses with working pressure above 300 psi are generally used in construction and mining where large volume or high pressure water service ir required.


Hoses used to transport hot water MUST NOT be used to transport pressurized steam. General and Multiple purpose hoses are NOT intended to transport water for human consumption. Hoses that are constructed of non-oil resistant rubber should not be used in oil environments. Water hoses with a helical wire will reduce the working pressure of the assembly.


Do not use non-oil resistant hoses in an oil environment. Use extreme caution with high pressure water applications.

Tech Specifications

Hose I.D. (inch)

1 3/16" – 8"

Working pressure

Temperature Range

-30° C to + 70° C