misting system with centre point hydraulic

Benefits of Misting and Fogging

How will misting system help you?

Centre Point Hydraulic offers for customers complete misting system fine misting nozzles, coupling and tubes. RN misting nozzle function in cooling by atomizing pressurized water into aerosol particles that “flash-evaporate”.  The process of misting or fogging is used in a variety of applications to control humidity and temperature, in addition improve air quality, and even provide visual effects. Furthermore, high pressure misting is accomplished by spraying water through nozzles with tiny orifices which are specially selected for each type of application. The standard nozzle range includes sizes from .008” to .020” orifice.

Benefits from Misting and Fogging

• Provide more uniform humidification and cooling

• Improve energy efficiency

• Decrease water consumption and need for chemicals

• Improve indoor and outdoor air quality and comfort

• Help minimize brittleness and static electricity

• Increase germination and propagation

• Diminish the risk of respiratory infections

• Control unwanted odors

• Enhance surroundings

• Minimize damage to equipment and materials in a fire

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