Recycling Hydraulic Hose

In a world where nearly everything is recyclable, there’s one question that keeps coming around – How on earth are hydraulic hose recycled?

Hydraulic hose is similar to tires in composition in many ways, but has far more steel throughout due to the braided reinforcement. If you’re talking just low-pressure nylon-reinforced hose, that can be recycled just as a tire is. But that steel braiding makes it essentially impossible for bulk, metal-free rubber crumb to be harvested from hoses. This eliminates many of the recycling or upcycling options that you see available for used tires (ie modified asphalt, playground surfaces, etc).

Identify The Material

Hydraulic hoses are generally made of rubber or plastic, which should make them easy to recycle. However, they are also lined with steel, which lasts longer and makes them more durable. Unfortunately, it also makes hydraulic hoses difficult to recycle. Metal-free rubber hoses (and some hoses with very little metal) can be crumbled to make modified-asphalt surfaces. However, rubber lined with significant amounts of steel doesn’t lend itself to crumbling. Identifying the materials used in hoses can take some time. The easiest way to recycle is to simply call the manufacturer. However, there are also websites and non-profit organizations that provide this information based on SKUs.

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